Tiago Barnabé, Narcissa from ‘Programa Eliana’, is taken to hospital after an accident

“I already have medicine, I took stitches and now everything is fine,” said the comedian who was injured at home

Playback/SBT Tiago Barnabé plays the character Narcisa in ‘Programa Eliana’

the comedian James Barnabasknown for playing the character Narcissus at the “Eliana program”, had a domestic accident and ended up in the hospital. After he posted stories on Instagram thanking the medical team who cared for him, the fans became concerned and he decided to explain what had happened: “I’m coming over to calm down my fans, my friends, because I’m getting many messages ask what I just went to do with my wife in a hospital”. Tiago explained that at his home, the backyard is divided into two levels, with a sunken area covered in grass. “My chickens eventually escaped and went to that side of the backyard. I was very scared and ended up jumping,” he said. “Neither I nor my gardener have noticed over time that a beam with an iron was sticking out because the grass was over it. When I jumped, this iron got into my foot. I just had time to scream, my son went there, a lot of blood began to come out. My wife picked me up and they took me to the hospital. I already have medicine, I took stitches and now everything is fine. What happened was one domestic accident🇧🇷 Fans and celebrities wished Tiago well. “My God, my friend!!! I had not seen. I’m glad he’s already been taken care of and is recovering!!! Now rest. Marathon series, ‘Bake Off’ and Eliana’s programs,” the presenter wrote Dony DeNuccio🇧🇷 “Our friend! Thanks to God everything is under control,” he said. Nani Venancio🇧🇷 ‘Wow I felt the pain here just talking through you. Be careful, it hurts a lot, it must be swollen. Best wishes to you,” added a follower.

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