Tiago and Shayan change and production of ‘A Fazenda 14’ must stop the fight; To look

Model got angry because he was vetoed the Farmer’s Test by the businessman and will face the countryside

Play/PlayPlusTiago Ramos and Shayan Had a Disagreement After the Plantation Formation in ‘A Fazenda 14’

The first live poll of “The farm 14left the mood even more agitated in the reality of Record TV. After the formation of the rock, Tiago Ramos and Shayan Haghbin had a fight at headquarters that had to be interrupted by the production of the program. Both are in the countryside, the ex-boyfriend of Nadine Gonçalves got the most votes of the house and the Iranian was left behind in the dynamics of the remaining. As usual, Shayan had the power to veto any of the other three nominees for the Farmer’s Test and chose Tiago, who now has no chance of escaping the public vote. When they returned to the house, they started arguing. “You vetoed me because you know I’m a badass. And another thing, I didn’t want to be friends with you because I’m not going with your face anyway,” the model explained. “Then go to the countryside”, objected the former participant of “Marriage to the Blind”. “You’re going to learn to speak Portuguese well,” Tiago said.

The fight went on and Shayan teased him by saying he’s in the countryside, but at least he’s going to participate in the Farmer’s Trial. Whoever wins the dispute, in addition to getting rid of the public vote, returns to the house and takes the most important position in the game. Neymar’s mother’s ex was annoyed by the provocation and started staring at each other and cursing. Deolane Bezerra asked them to stop, but the fight continued. small strawberry came to stand between the pedestrians, but they continued to shout and stand opposite each other. “Here’s a damn man,” Shayan shouted, patting his chest. “And here’s what?” Tiago replied. The businessman accused the model of “wanting to grow up on women” and he rebelled. The battle became so intense that the show’s production decided to intervene. “Watch out, Tiago and Shayan, now split up,” a voice said. Deolane laughed and said, “That voice was different.” Barreiros petal noted that the program staff must have adopted this attitude to avoid aggression.

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