Thousand Years of Blood War explains the secret way Aizen saved Ichigo

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War has reached the climactic finale of the first proper fight between the Soul Reapers and Quincies, and the latest installment of the series surprised by the sneaky way Sosuke Aizen managed to help Ichigo Kurosaki when he really did required. When Soul Society’s invasion began, the various Captains realized just how much trouble they actually had when it comes to this new group of hostile Quincies. But even more concerning is the fact that there was a secret plan underneath the bloody carnage where Aizen was actually a core facet.

One of the greatest evasive maneuvers revealed in Yhwach’s fight against Yamamoto was not only that he was battling a clone of the enemy leader (who had almost as much strength as him) the entire time, but he did so in order to actually pursue his real objective to talk to Aizen. When he tried to recruit the villain to his cause, but ultimately failed to do so, it was soon revealed that Aizen had a much more surprising effect on Yhwach than the villain realized.

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How did Aizen save Ichigo?

Episode 7 of Bleach: Millennial Blood War sees Ichigo fighting Yhwach, but it was immediately apparent that there was a huge power difference between the two of them. While Ichigo was able to survive at the end of it all, their fight could have had a much more fatal ending if it weren’t for Aizen’s help. It’s revealed that in the brief moment when Yhwach had spoken to Aizen, Aizen’s abilities had affected his senses and disrupted his timing.

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Which meant he ran out of time where he and the Quincies could stay in the Seireitei and so was forced to retreat before dealing the final blow to Ichigo. The villain isn’t exactly concerned that this battle had to end so soon, but it was surprising to see Aizen finally help (willingly or unwillingly) save the Soul Society as a whole by throwing off Yhwach’s original invasion plan. It shows why Aizen is labeled as one of the special threats alongside Ichigo.

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