Thomaz Costa Explodes Cast Of ‘A Fazenda 14’, Exposes Negotiations With Record And Is Warned

According to Larissa Manoela’s ex, strong names are missing in the current edition of reality: ‘Who is everyone?’

Play/Record TVThomaz Costa criticized choice of participants in ‘A Fazenda 14’

The actor Thomas Costa criticized the lack of famous people in the cast of “The farm 14”. in a conversation with Barreiros petal this monday 19, the ex-boyfriend of Larissa Manoela said: “The edition [anterior] it was time, Nego do Borel, Gui Araújo, MC Gui, Marina Ferrari. This one, when it started, I said, ‘Man, who’s everyone? I can’t believe it, old man, it’s flopping’”. Deolane Bezerraone of the most famous names on the current edition of the reality show, joined the conversation, commenting:I think when they saw me they said, ‘My God, who is she going to fight with?’”. Thomaz continued with his criticism: “It could have a stronger name”. Pétala said that, according to her, the program directors did not choose the participants taking into account who is more famous: “I think they have studied personalities, the profile of each”. Thomaz disagreed with the pawn, explaining his negotiation with Record TV: “I don’t think so, I was very lost. I didn’t go at first [entrar], then I would go to the Paiol, then they moved here, there were people…”. Deolane interrupted the actor and warned him: “You can’t talk [sobre isso aqui]”.

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