Thiago Salvático points to ‘homophobia’ in a judge’s decision that did not recognize his association with Gugu

Chef de cuisine thinks witnesses should be heard and ‘that the court reverses the decision quickly’; it also explains why the presenter did not take the alleged relationship to heart

Thiago Salvático stated that he had an eight-year relationship with Gugu Liberato

the chef Thiago Salvatico lost the action in which he tried to prove that he had a stable connection with the presenter Gugu Liberato, who died in November 2019 after a domestic accident in the United States. In an interview with Young pan, the chef said that he had an eight-year relationship with the communicator and that he has proof that they were a couple: “Gugu was the great love of my life, he was a wonderful person”. The trial took place at the Court of Justice of São Paulo (TJ-SP) and, according to Thiago, the judge’s decision was influenced by the fact that they were a gay-affective couple. “I submitted the request and it was immediately extinguished,” said the chief, who believes the judge should have heard witnesses before making a final decision. “I am sure that the trial would not have been immediately terminated by a single judge, even without hearing those involved and witnesses, if it had been a heterosexual case. So I believe there was homophobia, which is not admissible in a court of law these days. The decision was so absurd that I trust the court will soon reverse it and we will be able to hear from everyone in Gugu’s circle who knew about the relationship.”

To prove that he was in a relationship with Gugu, Thiago said he attached to the process the messages they exchanged, the photos of the trips they made together around the world and the proof that they had a joint investment account. “I had passwords, from cards to Instagram, that only the two of us had, not even the advisor could access. We shared everything, life problems, routine, work and family, daily. When we weren’t together, we communicated through messages, daily phone calls, so it becomes a large amount of evidence,” he noted. The judge who analyzed the case concluded that the relationship between Thiago and Gugu was not a stable union, but rather a friendship, as it was not something public. The chef disagreed with the decision: “As if for our union to be validated, Gugu should have revealed his sexuality to the four winds”. Thiago also added: “I wanted to understand from this judge who said we were just friends, how many friends does he have an account with? How many friends have an Instagram password? How many friends have card passwords? How many friends travel the world together, always in pairs? How many friends talk to each other every day and exchange words of love?

Why did Gugu hide the relationship?

Despite rumors, Gugu never spoke openly about his sexuality. He discreetly tried to keep his private life out of the spotlight. Thiago said the presenter was very careful as he did not want the issue of his sexuality to come out in the media. “Our relationship was already public to those important to Gugu. I went to the houses and got to know the people close to me,” said the chief. “Coming out to the general public would have a big impact on the life of someone like Gugu, who presented programs for the traditional family, had a line aimed at children and even became part of Record, a religious broadcaster. The effects on the public figure, on the character, on Gugu’s professional life would be huge, he had to keep that image he had as a TV presenter, as a public figure loved by Brazil. As an example, he cited the case of the speaker Leandro Karnal, who recently assumed he is married to a singer 32 years his junior. “Once it was made public, certainly with the same fear that Gugu had, just look at the deluge of negative and homophobic comments on his social networks.”

contact with the family

Thiago’s relationship with the presenter’s family came into conflict when he decided to go to court to prove the stable union. The same goes with Rose Miriam Di Matteo, mother of the communicator’s three children – João Augusto, Marina and Sofia. She also tries to prove that she had a stable relationship with the artist. If proven, she is entitled to 50% of the inheritance, estimated at R$1 billion. In Gugu’s will, he reserved 75% for his three children and 25% for his five nephews. “On the fateful day of Gugu’s death, I was at his apartment in Brazil. He had left last minute to fix something with the kids in Florida and then we were going to travel. Since I was the only one who had Gugu’s Instagram password, I passed it on to the family so they could take over after his death. We had few contacts after the death, but since I filed the lawsuit, we have none,” concludes Thiago.

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