Thiago Rodrigues reappears after being denied aggression by the police and vows to expose the truth

Actor stayed away from social networks after investigation revealed he was only injured and not beaten in robbery in Rio de Janeiro

Play/Instagram/euthiagorodriguesThiago Rodrigues distanced himself from social networks after a police investigation

The actor Thiago Rodrigues returned to social networks after denouncing an alleged aggression during a robbery that was later denied by the police. “Dear friends, I want to thank everyone who has sent you sweet messages, I am doing well now. I will already talk to you about exactly how things happened so that this space is not left open for violent and ignorant people to talk freely about what they do not know,” the artist wrote in his Instagram stories of Thursday 2 Thiago said that when his mobile phone disappeared, he had problems recovering the password for his profile on the social network. In his initial report after the confusion, he also noted that “it was okay” to spend some time disconnected. “Use this short time to recover without the interference of news and comments from those who don’t know how things really happened,” he concluded.

remember the case

In December last year, Thiago went to the police with injuries. It was initially announced that he was leaving a bar in Gávea, in the south of Rio de Janeiro, when he was approached by robbers and, when he tried to escape, was beaten. He is said to have passed out on the spot and was helped by a woman who was at a fair near the scene of the alleged robbery. The artist was taken to a public hospital in the region and got stitches on a cut he had on his head. The civil police began to investigate the case and, after analyzing the evidence, concluded that the actor had not been attacked in a robbery, but had injured himself. Thiago’s mobile phone is missing, but the authorities think it’s strange that he still has his wallet. Security footage from the area was analyzed and it was then that the police noticed that the artist was injured when he tried to sit on the bench in the square where he was found, as he lost his balance and fell face down on the ground fell.

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