‘There was no chance,’ shoots Sonia Abrão after her former reporter is eliminated from ‘A Fazenda 14’

Presenter gave her opinion on Bruno Tálamo’s departure from reality and sent him a message

Play/RedeTV!/RecordSonia Abrão sent a message to Bruno Tálamo after ‘A Fazenda 14’ elimination

the presenter Sonia Abram manifested after the journalist Bruno Thalamo be the first to be removed fromThe farm 14”. The now ex-pawn disputed the permanence in the house with Deborah Albuquerque and Tiago Ramos, but received only 15.69% of the vote. “It hurt to have a partner of 9 years of work in the ‘The afternoon is yours‘, was eliminated in the first field, even though we knew he didn’t stand a chance,” explained Sonia, who even campaigned on social networks to get Bruno into the game. “The public didn’t give it a second chance! What a pity! We joke, we point out mistakes, we don’t pass on a lap, but we sincerely hope that he escapes this roça,” emphasized the presenter. In the air for 13 days, “A Fazenda 14” collects fights, and these pedestrian conflicts have been successful on social networks. ‘You left, Bruno, more because you are a nice person among people who play low than because of your failures as a pawn! Being cool has its price! And understand that there are defeats that are actually rewards! This edition of such a negative and heavy energy of reality was not for you! And the dance follows”, concluded Sonia. the journalist Felipeh Camposwho also collaborated with Bruno on “A Tarde é Sua”, agreed with the presenter, adding: “I cried with Bruno!! It was a cry of the soul, of injustice!! But he won a lot and left the game in the first roça. He’ll make it.”

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