The Way of Water footage shows epic war on Pandora

New Avatar: The way of the water images have been released just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. The latest look at Avatar 2 comes with the themed tagline tease: “Our home. Our family. Our fortress.” It teases the core themes of James Cameron’s Avatar film series, which is based on the story of Jake Sully’s (Sam Worthington) transformation into one of the Na’vi people of the planet Pandora. This time around, Jake and his Na’vi soul mate Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) have a lot more to lose, as they’ve created an entire family for themselves in the years since the first movie. And when the human militaristic force known as the RDA returns, Jake and Neytiri could indeed lose their world, literally and figuratively.

Of course, what audiences really get to see is Avatar’s stunning visual effects (and immersive 3D); this latest footage certainly continues to tease another of Cameron’s epic achievements, visually, featuring scenes of ocean warfare that already far outshine pretty much any other comparable moment in movies new or old. The single shot of a huge ocean creature from Pandora attacking the invading RDA forces alone looks like it’ll give James Wan and DC’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom a run for its money when it hits theaters next year.

In a recent interview, Avatar: The Way of Water stars Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver were both amazed at what they’ve seen of the film, and vowed that audiences are indeed in for another groundbreaking experience:

I do believe that… this will be kind of a highlight of Jim finally getting the chance to fully share all of his passion for the water, for the ocean with us,” Saldana said. Fandango. “He’s always had it: he’s had it with The Abyss, with Titanic, in real life with all his excursions… And I think through the Metkayina Tribe and their world, we’re going to immerse ourselves in something we’ve never experienced before. seen, and it will also be as groundbreaking as Avatar 1 was.”

“I think it’s even more mind-blowing than the first one,” Weaver added. “Because it’s such a new element for us as humans to feel comfortable underwater. And to feel a connection with the creatures that live underwater… People will never want to leave the theater, honestly. They’ll just want to sit there and watch it over and over. Because it’s something you can’t get in real life.”

Avatar: The way of the water will hit theaters on December 16.

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