The Walking Dead Former Star Chandler Riggs had a surprise cameo in the series finale

11 Seasons of Zombies came to an end on Sunday night, as the final episode of The living Dead broadcast on AMC. The final episode had quite a few nods to former characters who left over the years, many in the form of voiceovers or flashback montages. A former Walking dead however, star actually appeared on screen in a background cameo role. Chandler Riggs, who starred as Carl Grimes in several seasons, made a brief comeback for The living Dead‘s last episode.

Riggs appeared in the background of one of the last seasons at Hilltop, dressed as a farmer and working in the fields. During Maggie, Daryl, and Carol’s last exchange in the episode, Riggs is able to hang out on set, though you probably missed it if you weren’t looking for him.

According to the creative team behind it The living DeadRiggs was in town while filming the finale and just came to see some of his former cast mates.

“Chandler Riggs was in town and he just asked to come over and say hello to friends,” showrunner Angela Kang told me. OW. “I had such a good time with him on set, and it was just really nice to see him. And then they did these scenes and needed some extras, and Greg was like, ‘Well, do you want to go for it ? Go in! Sit in the back.'”

“That was our last day of shooting and Chandler wanted to come visit,” said series finale director and executive producer Greg Nicotero. “And I looked at him and I said, ‘Hey, you. Take that, get behind that shot.’ It wasn’t planned. I don’t even think we put clothes on him. I think he just wore what he wore when he came to settle down. We were like, ‘Throw him in the background.’ I think we gave him a hat to disguise him a bit.”

Riggs played Carl, son of Rick Grimes, op The living Dead from the very first episode. The character died midway through the series’ eighth season, forcing Riggs to leave the role.

Did you see Chandler Riggs in the background of The living Dead final? What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments!

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