The Walking Dead Director Explains Rosita Shocker (Exclusive)

Warning: This story contains spoilers from The Walking Dead series finale, “Rest in Peace.” Here lies the latest victim of this The living Dead. Sunday’s “Rest in Peace” series finale not only put the AMC zombie drama to rest after 11 seasons, but it also said goodbye to one of the show’s main characters: Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos). Introduced in the Season 4 episode “Inmates” in 2014, the trio of Rosita, Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) and Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) has only one left. The final episode revealed Rosita was bitten by a walker, then slowly succumbed to the fatal bite before passing peacefully as the last dead on The living Dead.

“Dying is easy. It all just ends. You’re dead,” Rosita told now-BFF Eugene in Season 6. “The people around you are dying, that’s the hardest part. Because you keep living knowing they’re gone, and you’re still there. What you should be afraid of is living knowing you don’t have everything did what you could to keep them here.’

But Rosita died as she lived: she did everything she could to save her daughter Baby Coco. In the finale, Rosita, Eugene and Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) battled their way through the zombie-infested streets of the Commonwealth’s lower boroughs, where Governor Pamela Milton (Laila Robins) had diverted an invading walker horde. After rescuing Coco and other kidnapped children from the town’s children’s home, the trio’s escape route through an alleyway found them overrun by walkers who had no way out but to escape to safety through a wall pipe.

Though it appeared that mother and daughter met their end while overrun by walkers, Rosita emerged from the horde seemingly unscathed. Rosita later revealed her zombie-bitten shoulder to Eugene, her last wish to spend the time she had left with her loved ones before dying from the infection.

In an exclusive interview, director Greg Nicotero explains Comic That The living Dead killed Rosita because Serratos asked for a heroic ending and legacy for her character.

“Well, Christian, I remember her coming into my office almost a year ago and saying, ‘Look, I really want something big for Rosita. I want something that my character can sink her teeth into,'” Nicotero said. “And she toyed with the idea of ​​proposing that, ‘Is she going to die?’ And she said, ‘I want to go out, I want it to be heroic, I want to save the kids. I want to do something that leaves a legacy to my character.'”

The episode is as much a goodbye for Rosita as it is for The Walking Deadthe final minutes honoring both the living and the dead from the 11 seasons.

“She was really, really proud of that. And we’ve worked really, really hard to make sure we honor that idea. And on the show, there haven’t been many people who have come forward and said, ‘I want to to be killed off the show,” the director said. “But in this particular case, she wanted to do it because she wanted her character to have a great story and a great legacy. And I think she did a great job. Between her, and Seth, and Josh, and everyone around her that just made that moment sing.”

After attending one last family dinner, Rosita says an emotional series of goodbyes on her deathbed. Gabriel prays for her and offers her comfort: “One day we will see you again.” She enjoys her daughter one last time. In the end, Eugene is at Rosita’s side as she slips away. “I wouldn’t be the man I am today if I hadn’t met you,” a tearful Eugene tells her. Rosita replies, “I’m glad it was you in the end.”

“I’m so proud of her, and we worked really, really hard on those sequences to make sure she got what she wanted for the character, and we paid her respect,” said Nicotero. “Because she essentially represents so many other people who died on the show. And that was something that was important, that we got a chance to really do it and do it the way we wanted to.”

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