The split between Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles has been revealed

The past weekend was all about the divorce between the singer Harry Styles and his girlfriend, the actress and producer Olivia Wilde🇧🇷 Although the couple revealed that they were taking a break, it didn’t take long for the international media to confirm that the relationship was over.

But what would be the reason for the divorce of Styles and Wilde, who even released a movie together a few weeks ago? The answer is the director’s children🇧🇷

Olivia Wilde (handout)

On social networks, the news goes that the couple would have broken up because they would live different moments in their lives. But according to OK! the decision to end the relationship would have come from Wilde.

The American actress is said to be focused on her children and, concerned about custody of the children, does not intend to be away from home. This more domestic rhythm of Wilde’s would prevent her from guiding Styles in his work around the world.

Still, according to the international media, Wilde would be concerned about custody of her children, because of an agreement she had made with the children’s father, actor Jason Sudeikis.

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis

In this agreement, Wilde could not be missing for long periods in the lives of their children, Otis (8 years old) and Daisy (5 years old), something that would surely happen if the actress accompanied Harry on all his travels.

Still according to a friend close to the performers, the former pair remain in touch and now treat each other as friends. According to the source, Harry and Olivia’s challenge was to go the distance.

“There’s no bad blood between them. Harry didn’t let go of Olivia, or vice versa. This is the longest relationship Harry has ever had, so obviously they have a special bond. They’re taking a break. It’s impossible to have a relationship when he’s on every continent next year and Olivia has her job and her kids.”

Commenting that the pair have been separated for a few weeks now, the source also stated that the artists must now prioritize their next projects, with Harry focusing on his tour while Wilde prepares to shoot a new documentary.

“They go their separate ways as he embarks on his South American tour and she heads to London to work on a documentary.”

A few weeks ago, Don’t worry honeythe latest film starring Harry Styles and directed by Olivia Wilde arrived at HBO Max surrounded by controversy and divided opinion.

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