The Seven Deadly Sins may be moving to a new studio

The Seven Deadly Sins may have ended its main series, but that doesn’t mean the series is over and done with. After all, the IP lives on with a new cast of heroes, and Netflix will soon bring them to life. After all, an anime adaptation has been ordered for The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse. And if a new rumor is correct, it looks like the series is being handled by an all-new studio.

The report comes from social media such as fan pages Sugoi LITE began teasing an update for fans of The Seven Deadly Sins. The rumors suggest that the series will move to Telecom Animation Film with its next anime. But for now, we’ll have to wait for official word to confirm the tease.

Of course, this change would be noteworthy if correct. The Seven Deadly Sins has had a rough time when it comes to animation studios. The series started under A-1 Pictures and the first two seasons were handled beautifully before critics began to question the art of the show. Recently, Studio Deen tackled TV anime with an impossibly bad animation. And now Marvel Jack and Alfred Imageworks are the latest studios to touch The Seven Deadly Sin. The pair got together to make the anime’s latest movie, so it looks like the TV series is due for a studio swap.

If you’re new to The Seven Deadly Sins, you’ll want to brush everything up before picking up this upcoming sequel. Netflix is ​​streaming the anime exclusively in the United States, so you can tune in for that. And of course, The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse will join the service soon!

Do you think the anime’s studio swap is the best? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or give me a call on Twitter @Megan Peters CB.

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