“The series taught me to accept myself”

Kit Connor and Joe Locke, the stars of Heart stopperwere present on the third day of CCXP22, as one of the main attractions of the Netflix-prepared panel.

The actors met some of the series’ most loyal fans and talked about the importance of a plot that represents the LGBTQIA+ community.

Kit Connor was more blunt in his comments, stating that the series “taught him to love and [se] accept”.

“It’s about loving yourself, accepting yourself and accepting differences, and that’s what I’ve learned over the past year. It’s incredible to get the chance to play a character who encourages people to come out to their parents and live authentic lives,” said Connor.

Kit Connor, Joe Locke and Sebastian Croft on the Netflix panel at CCXP22 (Handout / Netflix)

While Joe Locke jumped at the chance to praise his character and went even further by revealing that he also took home some lessons from his character:

“Charlie knows very well who he is and has an unspoken confidence that I hope I have incorporated into my personal life.”

All episodes of Heart stopper are now available on Netflix.

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