The Office Star reveals scene that made him laugh more than anything else in the series

The office delivered viewers countless laughs over the years, many courtesy of Steve Carell’s Michael Scott, and fellow star John Krasinski often struggled to contain his laughter, with Krasinski recalling that the hardest thing he had ever done in his entire life tried to film one scene. life, which also made it impossible for the actor to be involved in the scene. Krasinski reflected that, while filming the Season 6 episode “Secret Santa,” Michael’s attempts to win over the audience when Santa saw him ask Brian Baumgartner’s Kevin to sit on his lap, only for hilarity.

“The hardest I’ve ever laughed in my life is the Christmas episode where Steve pretends to be Santa Claus and asks Brian Baumgartner, who played Kevin, to sit on his lap,” Krasinski recalled in an interview for WIRED. “Once Steve said, ‘What would you like, little boy?’ he lost all the air in his body when brian sat on him i never laughed so hard in my life and if you’re a fan of the show you know they used to just wave to jim for a reaction and i watched to the cameraman and said, “Don’t even try. I won’t be here,” and so every time he waves, it’s to an empty room, I just wasn’t there. I just told him, “I won’t be here. I’m not a professional, and I’ll be here on lying on the ground laughing.'”

Despite audiences, and Krasinski himself, continuing to find the series wildly funny, he also admitted in the interview that after filming the first batch of episodes, he assumed the project would never be released and went back to waiting tables.

“I should say my favourite Office episode was “Diversity Day,” it was technically the second episode, but it was the first episode of our own episode. Meaning the pilot was a direct copy of the British show, the entire script was the exact pilot of the British show,” the actor recalled. “So ‘Diversity Day’ was the first episode that was ours and ours alone and I’ll never forget that because I was in that room, not only was I the most unprofessional actor, because I laughed at everything that happened and I totally threw the “being in a documentary” thing [concept]’ out the window I was like, ‘No, I’m going to laugh at everything, all these people do.'”

He continued, “But I remember feeling in the room and looking around at all these people thinking no one would watch the show, and we still didn’t think anyone would watch the show, but I said, ‘ This is going to be one of the funniest things ever filmed on television. Too bad no one will see it, because who knows where this show will go.” And I went back to waiting tables, true story, after we shot the first four episodes, I was like, ‘Best thing I’ve ever done, no one will see,’ and I signed up again to wait tables.

The office now streaming on Peacock.

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