The office made Billie Eilish think that U2 was from Scranton, Pennsylvania

Jokes from the US version of The office have permeated pop culture in myriad ways, but in the case of musician Billie Eilish, some of these jokes can be interpreted as facts. More specifically, in the Season 4 episode “Goodbye Toby Part 1”, Steve Carell’s Michael Scott wants to impress his new co-worker Holly (Amy Ryan) by putting together a music mix for her, asking if U2 will be the band from Scranton , Pennsylvania is who made it big, causing John Krasinski’s Jim to say “yes”. Eilish recalled watching the show at such a young age that she took this as fact rather than a joke.

“So many things are being said, especially by Michael The office that he says wrong on purpose, are written on purpose, I didn’t even know the real word. So I said a lot of words wrong because I learned them from Michael Scott,” Eilish recalled at the Office Ladies podcast. “Last June we were in Ireland… I’m at my hotel and I’m getting flowers delivered to my room and it has a note on it and it’s a very, very sweet letter and it says, ‘From Bono. ‘ And I had like, ‘Why would Bono, being from Scranton…'”

The hosts of the podcast, former The office stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey expressed disbelief at the mix-up, with even Eilish herself explaining how shocked she was to have believed the joke for so long.

“I go, ‘Why would he send me something in Ireland? What does this have to do with him?’ And it was like, ‘Welcome to my hometown,’ or something. But U2 is from Scranton,” the musician recalled. “I kept asking everyone, ‘What does Bono do to send me flowers all over the world? Why would he do that?’ They said, ‘Billie, what are you talking about? They’re Irish.’ I was like, ‘No, they’re not.'”

She added: “There’s no pause, no laughing… Honestly in my head I thought Jim was like, ‘Oh, that’s a stupid question’ because they’re obviously the band that made it big from Scranton .. I thought that was the vibe, instead of, ‘No, not at all.’ Their whole thing is they’re Irish. This was in June!”

While this is certainly not the first time that is a joke The office misinterpreted, it is certainly one of the more hilarious examples.

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