The Mandalorian arrives at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge now The Mandalorian and Grogu roam. If you’re on Disney’s California Adventure, you can see Din Djarin and snap a photo as the character was officially introduced to Baatu this week. Fans, of course, were all too excited to share a moment with The Mandalorian and his young companion. Every time one of these new characters makes an entrance into Avengers Campus or Galaxy’s Edge, there’s a party in one corner of the internet. Seeing the cute little alien was also a crowd pleaser on the ground. Check out some fun comments below!’s Brandon Davis spoke to Rick Famuyiwa about Mando’s journey so far. “Since the second episode I’ve been a part of storytelling in this world and what’s great about the way Jon and Dave have worked together is that they’ve always engaged and wanted and they really push for the directors to bring their own points of view and vision,” Famuyiwa says. . And so, you know , I think we just tried to tell this simple story of a man and his child, complications keep happening in his life, so whatever I could do to bring that to life, it was amazing.

Would you like to make the trek to see The Mandalorian? Let us know below!

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