The latest UFO footage from the United States comes from Active Battle Zone

A new UFO snapshot has gone viral online because of the interesting time it was captured. In 2016, forces with the Iraqi government launched a campaign to remove ISIL fighters from the city of Mosul. It was at this time that the US military reportedly captured footage of a sphere flying over the city. On Tuesday, filmmaker Jeremy Corbell released a still from the clip in question.

“The U.S. military has been filming UFOs from an active conflict zone — officially designated by the U.S. government and intelligence agencies as a UAP (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena) and currently part of the U.S. DoD’s active UAP investigations,” Corbell said in his first tweet.

Corbell and journalist George Knapp have launched a new podcast titled Armed on Tuesday, taking a deep dive into discussions on the increasingly serious topic. “This is in the UFO category within our intelligence community. This is an example of one of the UFOs that our military and intelligence community is looking at. It’s just one of many images,” Corbell said on the podcast.

The image, which has yet to be confirmed as authentic by the US Department of Defense, comes just weeks after the intelligence community submitted its annual UFO/UAP report to lawmakers. As part of that report, the DoD ruled that 171 of the 366 sightings required more investigation, as officials were unable to confirm the identities of the vessels.

“Analyzing and understanding the potential threats posed by UAP is an ongoing collaborative effort involving many departments and agencies, and the department thanks the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) for leading a collaborative effort to complete this report. as well as the other contributing departments and agencies,” said Pentagon spokesman Brig. General Pat Ryder offered in a statement shortly after the report was published.

He added: “The security of our service personnel, our bases and installations, and the protection of the security of U.S. land, air, sea and space operations are of the utmost importance. We are taking reports of raids on our designated space, land, sea, or airspace seriously and investigate them all.”

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