The Last of Us star Pedro Pascal dances with a twerking clicker in latest SNL promotion

2023 sure looks like “The Year of Pedro Pascal” in the first half: The acclaimed Game of Thrones actor is currently starring in HBO’s latest global hit series, The last of us, the adaptation of one of the most popular video games of all time. Before The last of us even finished with season 1, Pascal will take over the streaming with the highly anticipated (and bigger than ever) third season of Star Wars: The Mandalorian. In the midst of all that, Pedro Pascal also takes the victory lap of hosting Saturday Night Live this week!

The SNL crew sure has fun faking Pascal’s role as Joel in HBOs The last of us; the first promo for Pascal’s performance had him hunting down Clickers through Studio 8H, only to discover that Clickers aren’t real – but SNL crew members certainly are. However, the short promo that Saturday Night Live released on social media is sure to make waves as it shows Pascal and the “Clicker” jigging together, as the Clicker pulls off some serious twerk moves!

WATCH: Pedro Pascal dances with twerking clicker from The Last of Us

Viewer from The last of us HBO series that didn’t play the games first are still reeling from the initial reveal of “The Clickers” in episode 2. The advanced form of the Cordyceps virus infection turns hosts into living fungi flowers, deprived of sight , but acutely aware of sound. In The last of us games, Clickers are some of the most terrifying and challenging enemies to defeat; TV viewers only got a first taste of why, when they saw Pedro Pascal’s Joel and Anna Torv’s Tess desperately battle just two Clickers to save young Ellie (Bella Ramsey).

Needless to say, this SNL promo shows another side of Clickers. As one commenter (hilariously) points out, “I can’t believe it SNL twerked Clickers before conventions did.”

Indeed, The last of us is about to become the next big thing in geek culture convention cosplay – and Clickers will no doubt be a major part of that. The last of us The HBO series has done a masterful job of adapting the nightmarish creatures for live action, both in the makeup and prosthetic work done, and the physical acting and stunt work done by actors whose showrunner Craig Mazin claims they were hardcore fans of the games before you get into this gig.

Saturday Night Live with host Pedro Pascal and musical guest, Coldplay airs Saturday nights on NBC and Peacock.

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