The Last of Us Showrunner Reveals Deleted Plans for Tess Origin Story

Full spoilers ahead for the first two episodes of The last of us! Proceed with caution if you still need to tune. Now two episodes in the first season, The last of us has already killed one of the main characters. In keeping with the source material it was taken from, the HBO hit managed to kill Tess (Anna Torv) after the trio arrived at the Capitol. While the character’s time on the series was short, she made a big impact on those who tuned into the series over the past two Sundays. At one point, those watching almost got a more in-depth story with the character, though it was eventually cut from the series due to time constraints.

“There’s something we talked about, and we wrote it. We never recorded it. It was a bit of a backstory to Tess and the fact that Tess had a kid,” said Neil Druckmann in the latest episode of The last of us podcast. “She had a husband and she had a son, and they were infected and she had to kill them. She killed her husband, but she couldn’t kill the son. She couldn’t. She locked him in the basement, where in theory is he still a Clicker.”

Both of the show’s cold opens were terrifying experiences, and Tess’s backstory would make the story for episode two that much more heartbreaking.

“We had a cold opening that we just love, the camera pushed on this door and you just hear this thumping coming from this basement and then we stop,” continued Druckmann. “Later Tess would tell the story of how she couldn’t kill her son… it didn’t fit, but it was fun to think about.

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