The Last of Us Part 3 contains elements from the HBO show

We can expect the hypothetical, unannounced The last of us part 3 to include elements from the TV program. The last of us is one of the most popular IPs out there, thanks in large part to the recent success of the HBO series. PlayStation and Naughty Dog had already created some of the most prestigious games of all time with the first two games, but the show took an already commercially successful video game series and made it even more mainstream. Since the show ended last week, fans have been trying to find out what comes next for both the TV series and video games, especially since it’s been almost three years since the last game and we haven’t heard anything official about a third entry .

It’s been vaguely teased that a third Last of Us game is in the works and rumors suggest it is, but Naughty Dog is playing coy. That said, if it happens (and it almost certainly will), Naughty Dog president and The Last of Us creator Neil Druckmann noted in an interview with EL ESPAÑOL (via The game parody) That The last of us part 3 would probably use elements from the show. He refrained from giving details, but it certainly seems like all of this Last of Us media will influence each other in different ways.

“If we ever revisit them in game form,” said Druckmann. “That remains to be seen. There are definitely elements I’m going to take from the series that would apply to the games.”

It is unclear exactly how this would work or how large these elements would be. While the show is true to the games, it also makes some huge changes through new characters, changes the fates of some characters like Bill, and has new scenes we’ve never seen before. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how Naughty Dog tries to implement these things and how much of an impact they have on the next game.

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