The Last of Us movie almost cast as fan-favorite actress for Ellie

Before it was a TV series, The last of us was almost a movie and almost cast a fan-favorite actress for the part of Ellie. After the huge success of The last of us on PS3, Hollywood was trying to figure out how to adapt it and bring the beloved story outside of games to an even wider audience. It didn’t take long for a movie with Sam Raimi at the helm to be greenlit, but sadly it fell apart. It eventually turned into an HBO series that seems to be on track to do the series justice, even with the various changes it made to bring it to life.

Although details about what the film would have looked like are very scarce, Smart book actress Kaitlyn Dever and Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams were both in the running for the role of Ellie at the time. Dever was a fan favorite of Ellie before Bella Ramsey was officially cast in the role, largely because Dever is very similar to her video game counterpart. It was revealed by series creator Neil Druckmann in a interview with TheHollywoodReporter that Dever even sat down to read through the script, while Williams simply met with Druckmann to discuss the role. However, by the time the decision was made to reverse The last of us in an HBO show, everyone who was previously considered for the role of Ellie was out of the role and could no longer be considered. Since Ellie is a 14 year old girl, the actress in question must fall into a certain age range and Kaitlyn Dever and Maisie Williams are now 26 and 25 years old respectively.

However, Dever apparently impressed Neil Druckmann enough to play another little girl in his games. Dever briefly played Cassie Drake, Nathan Drake’s daughter, at the end of the film Uncharted 4: The end of a thief. Whether Cassie Drake will ever return remains to be seen, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see Dever reprise that role in a future installment.

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