The Last of Us fans are already looking forward to Episode 5

The fourth episode of The last of us has arrived, and the HBO series continues to attract video game fans and newcomers alike. While the series has some major deviations from its source material, the ending of episode four is already causing a bit of dread among PlayStation fans, based on what takes place in the original video game. WARNING: MAJOR VIDEO GAME SPOILERS AHEAD.

The end of tonight’s episode brought in the Henry and Sam characters. In The last of us video game, Sam becomes infected and is killed by his brother Henry. In fear, Henry then kills himself. It’s worth noting that the show has already seen some major departures from the video game, most notably in last week’s episode centering on Frank and Bill. Given that, it’s quite possible that things won’t play out the same way they do in the game. We could see Henry and Sam survive a little longer, or their destinies change completely. It’s impossible to say for sure, but fans can hardly be blamed for being concerned!

Keep reading to see what fans are saying about the fourth installment of The last of us!

Just a few more days to get the tissues ready.

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The series has already shown that it can make viewers emotional.

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Fans are both happy and sad to see these two!

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Misery loves company!

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If you haven’t cried yet, Episode 5 might get you.

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Should be a good one anyway!


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