The Last of Us Episode 4 features a returning video game actor

Episode 4 of HBOs The last of us brings back an actor who was featured in both video game entries of the franchise. Long ago The last of us once debuted on HBO, it was announced that a number of actors from the games, such as Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson and Merle Dandridge, would play roles in the TV series. And while we’ve already seen Dandrige’s presence in the early episodes of The last of usEpisode 4 makes for a face that some fans may not be too familiar with.

Which actor is coming back The last of us Episode 4?

The latest episode of The last of us sees Jeffrey Pierce join the show’s cast. For those who didn’t know, Pierce portrayed Tommy in both The last of us and the sequel, The Last of Us Part II. Pierce is an accomplished actor and has appeared in numerous other video games, TV shows, and movies over the years. His arrival in HBO The last of us however is probably the biggest role he’s had in quite a while as Pierce hasn’t done much work since 2020 The Last of Us Part II.

Who plays Jeffrey Pierce in HBO’s The last of us?

Instead of playing Tommy again in HBOs The last of us, Pierce plays a new character named Perry. Perry is a soldier living in Kansas City who teams up with Kathleen, who is played by Melanie Lynskey. The more specific details of Perry’s character are not outlined, but the show makes it clear that he is a prominent member of the rebel group that runs Kansas City.

Though Pierce first appears in Episode 4, his ultimate fate as Perry is in The last of us currently unknown. However, given how this week’s episode turns out, it’s pretty much guaranteed that he’ll be back again in Episode 5. Whether he’ll get further into the series is unknown, but either way, it’s cool to have another see veteran The last of us actor returning for this TV adaptation.

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