The Last of Us breaks Rotten Tomatoes record

The last of us broke a Rotten Tomatoes record. The upcoming HBO series has been one of the most anticipated television shows on the horizon for a while now. When the show was officially announced in 2020, it started to create all sorts of excitement among fans, mainly because the games are great and people wanted to see it adapted. The excitement only increased as the series was added Chernobyl Craig Mazin as showrunner and series creator Neil Druckmann as writer, producer and director. When Pedro Pascal’s casting as Joel was confirmed, it pretty much confirmed that this was going to be something special and it was only proven with other casting announcements, trailers, and more.

Utilities, The last of us is finally almost here and the reviews praise it up and down. The show debuted on Rotten Tomatoes earlier this week with a rare 100% rating. The rating has dropped slightly since then, but it broke a record for the top-rated live-action video game adaptationbeating other movies and shows like Not charted, Sonic the Hedgehog, and many others. While not exactly the highest bar, The witcher is known and considered by some to be a game adaptation, despite the fact that it takes more from the books than the games. Animated shows like Mysterious also beat, but The last of us is the highest rated live action gaming adaptation. Out of 82 critic reviews, The last of us contains a mighty 98% and is certified fresh by Rotten Tomatoes. Only time will tell if fans will agree with all this praise, but we won’t have to wait long to find out.

ComicBook gave the show a 4 out of 5, praising the production values ​​while also noting how faithful the series is, sometimes to the detriment of those looking for a fresh take on the game’s story. If you’re looking for more The last of us content, ComicBook has teamed up with Entertainment Tonight to produce a podcast called The Last of Pods which is released every Sunday alongside new episodes of the show. The podcast offers deep dives into the episodes along with special guests from the series.

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