The Last Airbender shares unseen concept art of Princess Yue

Avatar: The Last Airbender hardly needs an introduction these days. The series made an impact in the early 2000s and turned an entire generation into fans. In recent years, the series has resurfaced as a major IP and Avatar Studios is reviving the franchise with new projects. And now a special piece of lost history has surfaced for Avatar fans.

We have artist Angela Song Mueller to thank. They used to work with the team behind Avatar to mock character designs. There, they pulled off all sorts of looks for Princess Yue, and never-before-seen concept art of the heroine has now surfaced on social media.

As you can see, the artwork is absolutely gorgeous, proving that Yue can rock any look. When we met the heroine on screen, the Northern Tribe princess wore heavy, fur-lined clothes like those in the Southern Tribe. Her appearance was very graceful considering her royal status, and that was made evident by Yue’s hair. Her white locks were braided and then pulled into a bejeweled updo, and her crystal blue eyes caught Sokka’s attention from the start.

Looking at these new designs, we can see that the Avatar team has played with Yue’s appearance. Some show the heroine in bold makeup, while other designs simplify her hair into double braids. From blonde hair to black, Yue looks gorgeous in all of these examples, and her final design is just right for the princess. And of course, we’re sure the Aang gang would agree!

Of course, Princess Yue played an important role in Avatar’s first book, and she remains a fan-favorite character. Hopefully netizens will meet new heroes as Avatar Studios continues to expand the IP address. The company has already announced that a movie featuring older versions of Aang and his friends is in the works. And if we’re lucky, we might get a Yue cameo along the way…!

What do you think of these original Avatar designs? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below or give me a call on Twitter @Megan Peters CB.

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