The Last Airbender Cast Meets in 2023 Cosplay Reunion

It’s a new year and things are already getting exciting for Avatar: The Last Airbender. While all eyes are on James Cameron’s Avatar, the Nickelodeon IP is at work behind the scenes. From the live-action Netflix series to the new animated projects, the Aang Gang keeps busy. And now the original cast of Avatar is making that clear with a special reunion.

Over the weekend, Avatar fans were lucky enough to meet the show’s original cast at Sac Anime. It was there that the star of Avatar reunited for a special photo, and as you can see below, a number of the actors decided to dress up as their on-screen characters.

After all, you can find Michaela Murphy front and center as Toph, while Gray brings DeLisle Azula to life in her regal look. In fact, the entire cast managed to dress up in time, but a few stars didn’t get the memo. Mae Whitman and Jack De Sena fraternize as Katara and Sokka, even without being in costume. And of course, Dante Basco exudes Zuko energy whether he’s in cosplay or not.

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This reunion was definitely unexpected for fans, but it’s great to see the gang back together. After all, it’s not every day you get the chance to reunite with old friends, and it’s even rarer for actors to reunite in this way with their busy schedules.

Of course, some of these stars could be even busier in the years to come. Avatar is working on new projects and we know there are a few movies in the works at Nickelodeon. Reports on the animated series even suggest that the next Avatar movie will be all about Aang’s gang as young adults. So if that works out, these stars will reunite on screen before too long.

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