The largest dual cab ute tablet you can buy in 2022

The largest dual cab ute tablet you can buy in 2022

We compare eight of the country’s most popular double cabins to find out which has the biggest booty.

We all know how big the double cab market has become for Australia’s new car market and have seen the light commercial vehicle use case expand to include lifestyle oriented buyers. A ute is no longer just a workhorse, she has to be able to do more.

However, a large cargo hold remains an important part of a crew cab’s duties and can even make the difference between choosing one paraphernalia option over the other. It’s not just a matter of measure, but an important consideration is what tonneau protects the items in the shelf.

In our latest dual-cab ute megatest, we got a chance to piece together eight of the country’s most popular ute options. This has allowed us to directly compare countless utensil aspects (which you can read about in detail here), but this article is about the tub space. We have captured hull dimensions including the length, width and height of the hull and the loading height of the tailgate.

Here are the three roomiest utensils in terms of tub space. See the table below for full results.

First: Sangyong Musso

With such gigantic exterior dimensions, it’s no wonder the Ssangyong Musso has the largest hull of them all. Measuring 1625mm in length, 1612mm in width and 578mm in height, the XLV-spec Musso’s tray is incredibly spacious and can load 880kg.

Second: GWM Ute

Where the Ssangyong previously scored with its absolute length, the GWM’s tub is wider than almost any other paraphernalia for sale. With a length of 1561 mm, a width of 1614 mm and a height of 563 mm, the GWM’s tub is the second most spacious in our Ute Megatest with double cabin.

Third: Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger includes a large tub-lined tray with overall dimensions of 1480mm long, 1528mm wide and 533mm high. The story doesn’t stop there, however, as the Wildtrak spec comes with a remote-controlled roller shutter, lightweight tailgate, and tub step to make boarding the tray that much easier.

TUB PLACE Ford Ranger Wildtrak GWM Ute Cannon X Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain Mazda BT-50SP Mitsubishi Triton GSR Nissan Navara Pro 4X SsangYong Musso XLV Ultimate Toyota HiLux SR5
Pan width between the wheel arches (mm) 1200 1146 1105 1105 1065 1125 1140 1105
Tray width maximum (mm) 1528 1614 1465 1455 1533 1548 1612 1645
tub length (mm) 1480 1561 1460 1460 1400 1505 1625 1570
tray height (mm) 533 563 522 522 505 525 578 495
luggage loading height (mm) 865 849 835 820 887 865 835 880
Tonneau Usability Rating (1 to 5) 4.5 0 2.5 2.5 1 1.5 0 0
RANK 3 2 5 5 8th 4 1 7

To find out how the rest of the group fared, be sure to read our full article on the 2022 Dual-Cab Ute Megatest.

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