The Gathering removes little naked man from card art

Magic: The Gathering announced that a “mistake” led to the inclusion of a small naked man appearing on the artwork of a Secret Lair card. Earlier today, Magic: The Gathering announced that the first image for the “Stonecoil Serpent” map in the Ssssssnakessssss Secret Lair drop contained an “error that does not match the finished product”. Magic: The Gathering shared an updated image of the card variant with illustrations by Laynes, which omitted a small naked man impaled on a nail. The revised artwork can be seen below:

The new Stonecoil Serpent variant is part of a planned Secret Drop aimed at snakes, and also includes cards with art from Boneface, CROM, NIARK1, and Crocodile Jackson. The initial reveal of the Stonecoil Serpent art caused quite a stir Magic: The Gathering fans, in part because it would have been the first full-frontal male nudity to appear on a Magic: The Gathering card. While many Magic cards have had phallic artwork or questionable artwork, this would have been the first explicit nude man to appear with all his… bits exposed.

Magic: The Gathering has a busy 2023 planned, with an arc aimed at a doomed visit to Phryexia that saw several popular Planeswalkers Compleated – cybernetic versions loyal to the sinister mechanical faction. Later this year, the Phryexian invasion will begin in the multiverse with the March of the Machine set. Then, Magic: The Gathering plans to return to the popular Eldraine and Ixalan aircraft.

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