The future of a major Yellowstone character is in jeopardy

There have been many changes in the fifth season of Yellowstone until now, especially when it comes to the world of politics. John Dutton is now the governor of Montana, a job he can’t stand and took only to be able to work to save his ranch. Beth, daughter of John, serves as his chief of staff. There could be another political change coming this season, but this time with a character losing a job instead of getting a new one.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for the final episode of Yellowstone! Read on at your own risk…

Thomas Rainwater has been the president of the Broken Rock Reservation since fans first met him at the start of Yellowstone. Unfortunately, it’s a position he may not be in for much longer. There is a plot on the reservation to remove Rainwater from his office, thanks in large part to John Dutton’s blocking of Market Equities and their new airport deal.

Rainwater was locked into that deal because the new company coming to Montana would allow him to build more casinos and create more jobs for his people. That didn’t happen and, as you might expect, those on the reservation are frustrated about it. At one point in Sunday night’s new episode of Yellowstone, Rainwater sees a young politician holding a protest in front of his casino, addressing a crowd about how Rainwater makes promises he can’t keep. Inside, Rainwater is confronted by Angela, the lawyer who has worked with him on numerous occasions, and she criticizes him for his ideals. The conversation ends with Angela telling Rainwater she is working on a plan to get him out of his office.

Problems for Thomas Rainwater

Gil Birmingham, who plays Rainwater Yellowstoneteased big trouble for his character ahead of the new season’s premiere, most notably regarding the failed deal with Market Equities.

“Market Equities did not expect John to become a policy maker and enter the political field, which will be a very different position of power for him,” said Birmingham. TVLine. “I know his target is his own country, so I have to reassess it. I’m not exactly sure how that will affect us.’

“I know it will disappoint the tribe because 300 jobs will be lost,” he continued, “and promises have been made by Rainwater to the reservation, and those things will fall apart, leaving him vulnerable. to get.’

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