The Flash Showrunner teases scrapped plans for Arrowverse’s Blackest Night

On last season The flash, showrunner Eric Wallace gave fans of the long-running The CW series a preview of a highly anticipated storyline – an Arrowverse take on the major DC Comics event Blackest Night – as the series saw the return of Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) as the terrifying Storm of Death . At the time, Wallace recounted ComicBook. com that it was a storyline he was trying to create and plant the seeds for himself as a fan, but with the series entering its final season on Wednesday, it looks like Blackest Night – and some other major storylines – won’t happen.

Speak with The nerds of colorWallace revealed the storylines he couldn’t do with the show’s ending after nine seasons and gave a few more details about how Blackest Night might have formed – including that there was also some teasing with Diggle last season.

“Gosh, there are just so many of them. I’m so bummed! We were going to do all sorts of things. I can tell you that we were going to tackle The eternal war storyline, something I came up with for Season 10. That was going to be a season opener, and we hinted at it,” Wallace said.” I wanted to do a full crossover with as many characters as possible. The Blackest neart storyline we started hinting at last year with Diggle and the box. So yeah, it kind of bothers me that we’re not going to do that. I wanted to take Despero with his alien friends and have a full-blown alien invasion. That would have featured the Justice League in the Hall of Justice coming in and helping Barry. We’re not going to do that either. So these things happen. That said, on my bucket list of things I did want to accomplish, you’d be surprised to see more than half of them in, so there are spoilers I can’t really talk about. We just took episode 200 and made it the series finale, so I’m really happy that we’re actually going to do that. And it’s going to be an incredibly emotional story specific to Barry and its ramifications for how he and Iris deal with it.

Even though we won’t see Blackest Night come to life on screen, Wallace said last year ComicBook. com that the story had already had a big influence on the tone in season 8, a season of The Flash that leaned more directly towards horror.

“I consider Blackest neart, the comic book storyline, to be a horror comic book storyline in my opinion, done with superheroes. And for me, that’s the perfect… that’s my sweet spot. That’s perfect,” said Wallace. do that.”

The flashThe final season premieres Wednesday, February 8 at 8/7c on The CW.

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