The Flash Final Season premiere photos have been released

The CW has released photos for the season 9 premiere, “Wednesday Every After.” The episode, which kicks off the final season of the long-running Arrowverse series, will debut on Wednesday, February 8. The episode is The Flash’s own take on Groundhog Day, if you will, with the episode recap teasing a day that repeats itself for Barry and Iris, but the episode also seems like one of the new big bads of the season for the heroes to set up. also. You can check out the official synopsis for the episode for yourself below.

SEASON PREMIERE – Barry (Grant Gustin) creates a card book to guide him and Iris (Candice Patton) through their future to keep her safe, but the results aren’t what he expected, and instead they relive the same day and again. Joe (Jesse L. Martin) has a heart-to-heart talk with Cecile (Danielle Nicolet). A new big bad is introduced to Team Flash and friends and foes, old and new, begin raiding Central City. Vanessa Parise directed the episode with story by Eric Wallace and teleplay by Thomas Pound & Sarah Tarkoff.”

What else can fans expect in the final season of The flash?

The official synopsis for the season is as follows: “After defeating the Reverse Flash once and for all, the ninth season of The flash begins a week later after their epic battle, and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Iris West-Allen (Candice Patton) reconnect and grow closer than ever before. But when a deadly group of Rogues invade Central City led by a powerful new threat, The Flash and his team — Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker), Meta-Empath Cecile Horton (Danielle Nicolet), light-powered meta Allegra Garcia (Kayla Compton), brilliant tech nerd Chester P. Runk (Brandon McKnight) and reformed cryogenic thief Mark Blaine (Jon Cor) — once again must face impossible odds to save the day. But as The Rogues are defeated, a deadly new adversary rises to challenge Barry Allen’s heroic legacy. And in their biggest battle yet, Barry and Team Flash will be pushed to their limits to save Central City one last time.

The flashThe final season premieres Wednesday, February 8 at 8/7c on The CW. Read on for photos!

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