The final season of The Walking Dead remains in the Netflix Top 10 with 11.8 million hours watched

Netflix subscribers watched The living Dead Season 11 for 11.8 million hours between January 16 and January 23, its second week in the streamer’s weekly Top 10. More than 16 months after it first aired on AMC, the 24-episode eleventh and final season of cable’s top zombie drama joined its first ten seasons on Netflix after leaving AMC+ earlier this month. The living Dead: Season 11 debuted in ninth place on the Netflix Top 10 with 17.94 million hours viewed (week of January 9-15), dropping to 10th place and 11.8 million hours viewed in the TV English category. Currently, Netflix originals dominate the list in the top two spots Ginny & Georgia: Season 2 and Vikings: Valhalla: Season 2.

This is what the Netflix Top 10 – TV (English) looks like from January 22:

1 Ginny and Georgia: Season 2 (3 weeks in Top 10): 87,400,000 hours
2 Vikings: Valhalla: Season 2 (2 weeks in Top 10): 55,530,000 hours
3 Wednesday: Season 1 (9 weeks in Top 10): 45,740,000 hours
4 Ginny and Georgia: Season 1 (3 weeks in Top 10): 43,290,000 hours
5 That ’90s show: Season 1 (1 week in Top 10): 41,080,000 hours
6 Vikings: Valhalla: Season 1 (7 weeks in Top 10): 25,370,000 hours
7 Kaleidoscope: Limited series (3 weeks in Top 10): 22,990,000 hours
8 Emily in Paris: Season 3 (5 weeks in Top 10): 15,550,000 hours
9 New Amsterdam: Season 1 (3 weeks in Top 10): 14,640,000 hours
10 The living Dead: Season 11 (2 weeks in Top 10): 11,800,000 hours

Netflix considers each season of a series or movie separately, so it’s specifically the last 24 episodes of The living Dead in the Top 10. The show’s broadcast season originally aired on AMC in three eight-episode parts, beginning with Part 1 on August 22, 2021, followed by Part 2 on February 20, 2022 and Part 3 on October 2, 2022. The living Dead series finale premiered on November 20.

Lionsgate Home Entertainment is released The Walking Dead: The Complete Eleventh Season on Blu-ray and DVD on March 14. Pre-orders are now live for the six-disc set which has a total runtime of 16 hours and 45 minutes.

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Fear the walking dead: The Final Season – Part 1 premieres May 14 on AMC and AMC+, followed by The Walking Dead: Dead City in June and The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon later in 2023. Stay informed Comic book/TWD and follow @NewsOfTheDead for more TWD Universe coverage.

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