The fifth season RPG launches crowdfunding campaign

A role-playing game based on the award-winning Broken Earth trilogy has launched its first crowdfunding campaign. Green Ronin Publishing has raised over $120,000 to publish The fifth season RPG, which adapts the popular NK Jemisin fantasy trilogy into a tabletop role-playing game. Players create characters who live in small comms and try to survive in a world devastated by unpredictable tectonic and volcanic activity. Each person in a comm has a use caste, which defines their role within society. These use castes are all critical to a comm’s survival through a fifth season, a period of severe tectonic or volcanic activity that often includes unpredictable disasters ranging from acid rain to poisoned water supplies to extreme heat or cold.

The RPG uses Green Ronin’s Adventure Game system where characters choose a caste, a drive, and a specialization during character creation. Players check by rolling 3D6, with one of their dice designated as the “Drama Die” which is used to determine the degree of success or failure and also generates Stunt Points. Stunt points can be spent to use stunts, abilities that can be activated during exploration, role-playing, or combat with various effects. In the Broken Earth RPG, Stunt Points can also be used to fuel Orogenic abilities, if a player chooses to create a character who is secretly an Orogenic.

The broken earth and the sequels all won Hugo Awards, marking the first time a book trilogy won the best science fiction/fantasy book award. Sony Pictures is also adapting the series as films, with Jemisin working on the film scripts himself.

You can view the full crowdfunding project on BackerKit. A PDF copy of the game costs $30, while a hard copy costs $60.

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