The Exorcist Reboot Adds Black Panther Actress in Key Role

The upcoming reboot of The exorcist from Halloween director David Gordon Green has seemingly found one of his key roles with young actress Lidya Jewett who will appear in the film. deadline notifies the Hidden figures and Black Panther star joining the film’s cast will appear alongside Hamlton’s Leslie Odom Jr., Ann Dowd and original The exorcist star Ellen Burstyn. Previous reports on the film revealed that Odom’s role in the film would be as a father who seeks out Burstyn’s Chris MacNeil after his own daughter becomes possessed. Given the size of the cast and the notable addition of Jewett, one can connect the dots that she’s likely playing that role.

Production of this new film in The exorcist franchise, the first in a planned trilogy of films, has been sporadic. Burstyn previously confirmed that they have already shot some scenes with her. The actress herself revealed that shooting had taken place in secret, seemingly before principal photography on the film had actually begun. Filming continued last year but was abruptly halted due to a health concern involving Leslie Odom Jr. According to the trade, filming is already underway for the new movie, which comes from Blumhouse, Morgan Creek, Universal and Peacock.

David Gordon Green, fresh off his trio of Halloween films, will be behind the camera for the film, working from a script he co-wrote with Peter Sattler; Greens Halloween kills collaborators Scott Teems and Danny McBride hammered out the story with Green.

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“What I hope to do with The exorcist is the same thing we did Halloween”, producer Jason Blum previously revealed CinePOP. “Halloween, the first movie was great, and the second movie was okay, and the rest weren’t very good. And then we came in and changed it a little bit, and people liked it, so I hope we can do the same with The exorcist. Everyone thinks we’re going to fall on our faces, but I think we have the same filmmaker, same writer, David Gordon Green and Danny McBride. And I think we will reinvent it The exorcist so that it feels fresh, new, different, but, you know, related to the first movie, but also very, very scary.”

The new The exorcist film is scheduled to release on October 13, 2023. No timeline has been confirmed for when the other films will be released.

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