The Dutton Family Suffers Another Loss in “Ghost of Zebrina”

After a month’s break, Yellowstone prequel series 1923 returned this week with a bigger-than-usual episode, “Ghost of Zebrina.” The episode picked up on the story of what was next for this generation of the Dutton family as they continue to deal with the fatal shooting earlier this season and Spencer Dutton heads home, as well as Teonna’s journey after she left school escapes after killing Sister Mary. The episode brought more tragedy to the Dutton family, but also offered a little hope for the future.

Warning: major spoilers for this week’s episode 1923“Ghost of Zebrina”, past this point.

Earlier in the season, the Dutton family was ambushed by Banner Creighton (Jerome Flynn) and the resulting shootout left Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford) critically wounded, as well as Jack’s fiancé Elizabeth (Michelle Randolph), but unfortunately John Dutton Sr. killed him. (James Badge Dale). The loss of her husband proves to be too much for John’s wife Emma (Marley Shelton). The last we see of Emma in the episode she snaps at Cara (Helen Mirren) before committing suicide.

Although Emma Dutton dies in the episode, it’s not necessarily all a tragedy in Montana. While Jack (Darren Mann) and Elizabeth have had a strained relationship since she was shot in the gunfight, his mother’s death causes Jack to have an emotional breakdown and he and Elizabeth make amends in the process. Later, Elizabeth tells Cara that she wants to move the wedding date so she can fit into her dress. Elizabeth, despite being shot in the abdomen, is pregnant.

While Elizabeth’s pregnancy is a joyful development for the Duttons – and could potentially confirm the theory that Jack Dutton is John Dutton III’s grandfather – there are some other developments in the family that will pose a challenge as the rest of the season progresses. takes place. In Africa, Spencer (Brandon Sklenar) and Alex (Julia Schlapfer) set out on the long ocean journey home, only to have their own ship’s captain die and the boat stuck on course to crash into a ghost ship. The last shot of the episode is of their boat upside down and Spencer and Alex are nowhere to be seen. As for the Montana Duttons, Don Whitfield (Timothy Dalton) continues his attempts to conspire against the family as he attempts to take the entire valley.

And as for Teonna, her school crimes have been discovered – including the murder of another nun. Still trying to get home, Teonna encounters another Indian herding sheep. He offers to help her go back home to her father.

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