The Dark Tower gets new adaptation under Mike Flanagan

The Dark Tower gets a new adaptation led by Mike Flanagan. deadline reports that the creator and Trevor Macy will be working on the beloved Stephen King series at Intrepid. Flanagan recently left Netflix and The midnight club canceled last week. This is a great comeback for the creative who understands these stories that hardcore King fans want to see realized in some way, shape or fashion. The report indicates that the ad sees Dark Tower as a five-season TV series and also two movies. Both Flanagan and Macy have acquired the rights to the colossal franchise. In 2019 they did Doctor Sleep and will have a chance to succeed where the 2017 Dark Tower movie couldn’t.

In the interview, Flanagan said, “Before our deal with Amazon, we acquired the rights to The Dark Tower, which if you know anything about me, you know it’s been my holy grail of a project for most of my life. We actually took those rights out of our Amazon deal, which doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t get behind it at some point – you don’t know. But that’s something we’ve developed ourselves and we’re very passionate about finally getting it up and running at some point.”

IGN spoke to Flanagan in October about the prospect of the franchise returning to growth. Make no mistake, he’s totally smitten with the idea of ​​another adaptation of the Stephen King book series.

“I keep coming back to it because it has its own gravity,” Flanagan told IGN. “It would just be a matter of taking the more fantastical elements that are maybe harder to connect, especially where it gets pretty meta halfway through, and ground it, just pull it in. Otherwise, the characters are who they are, the arc is what it is And I think the way not to do The Dark Tower is to try to make it into something else, to try to make it Star Wars or make it Lord of the Rings. It is what it is. What it is is perfect. It’s just as exciting as any of those things and just as compelling and it’s a story about a small group of people and all the odds in the whole world are against them, and they come together. As long as that is the case, it will be fine, and there will be no dry eyes in the house.”

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