The Chucky Christmas episode will be the Season 2 finale

After conquering Halloween twice already on his hit SYFY TV series, fan-favorite killer doll Chucky finally gets some Christmas cheer with the show’s season 2 finale. Confirmed tonight during the promo for the last episode of Chuckie season 2, the TV series will fast-forward a few weeks and take place during the most wonderful time of the year. Many Christmas decorations can be seen in the short clip, but in particular a Santa Claus hat with Chucky coming out of the chimney while holding a chainsaw. The best show on TV continues to perform. Check it out below.

To date, Chucky hasn’t really dabbled in holiday-themed horrors much. Despite being a slasher franchise, the series’ crossover with holidays has been done sparingly. Seed from Chucky in 2004 there was only one scene set at Christmas, later revealed to be a sequence from the movie-within-the-movie. Season one of the TV show marked the first time the series actually had a Halloween episode, something they would return to in the season two premiere. Anyway, more Christmas horror is always welcome, and the fact that a killer toy hasn’t done it before is the biggest surprise.

“I think we’re all realizing how lucky we were to be able to do that because so many people in different businesses have been restricted because of[the pandemic],” series creator Don Mancini previously told us about filming season two. “And so I think once we get to that, we’ve got, ‘Okay, we can do it. We can do it as long as we work together.’ And so I think when we got into season two and we were shooting in similar conditions… We were observing all such protocols as we were shooting so I think that aspect of season two was a direct result of our experience in what we learned in the first season.”

Where can you watch Chucky season 2?

Currently the only way is to watch the new episodes of Chuckie season 2 is with a cable subscription, the series airs new episodes on USA Network and SYFY on Wednesdays at 9pm ET. However, after the show’s first season premiered, it quickly made its way to the Peacock streaming service, where it still is today. Chuckie Season 2 could very well take the same step after it wraps up its new episodes, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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