The Callisto Protocol report says key staffers have been left out of the game’s credits

The Callisto Protocol appears to be the latest video game that several staffers failed to mention in the credits. According to reports from, several former staffers of developer Striking Distance Studios discovered that their names were not in the credits. While five former team members spoke to the outlet, estimates put the total at about 20 people who were not on the list. A former staffer said these were not part-time contractors, but large employees who had been deeply involved in the game’s production, and had been for a year or more.

“I understand if a contractor does a small amount of work for a few months and then quits, but we’re talking about full-time employees here who have invested in the title for over a year and have had a hand in key parts of the product.” a developer told “That’s where the surprise comes from for many of us.”

There were reports of shortages at Striking Distance Studios prior to launch, with many of the staff saying they work long hours to get the job done. The Callisto Protocol. Despite this, there is a sense that those who stayed to the end were rewarded with a place in the credits, and some who did not were punished. Unfortunately, that seems to be a trend at many different studios. In 2021, several former MercurySteam staffers were surprised to discover they weren’t in the credits for Metroid fear. The reason for their omission appeared to be an internal requirement at MercurySteam that staffers must remain 25% through the game’s development in order to be eligible for their names to appear in the credits.

There is no industry standard for how long an employee must work on a video game to be included in a game’s credits. Cases like this help to shed light on how unreasonable the practice is, but do little to help those affected. Hopefully, as more developers share their stories about this practice, the industry as a whole can start to do better.

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