The Bojack Horseman creator reveals what was “the beginning of the end” with the Netflix partnership

It’s been three years Bo Jack Rider came to an end and the series was one of Netflix’s first successes. Over its six seasons, the animated show was nominated for three Emmys and took home other awards. Bo Jack Rider followed the washed-up star of an 80s and 90s sitcom called Hanging around. The series featured the voices of Will Arnett, Aaron Paul, Alison Brie, Amy Sedaris, Paul F. Tompkins and many more. Recently, series creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg spoke with The New Yorkers about his time at Netflix and talked about when he realized the partnership was coming to an end. Of course, these days it’s a lot harder to make a show last six seasons on the streaming site. In fact, Bob-Waksberg produced Lisa Hanawalt’s Tuca & Bertie, but Netflix canceled it after one season.

“I had the pride of the Netflix team,” said Bob-Waksberg. “I can’t imagine any other time or place where BoJack received the acclaim and number of seasons it did. He went on to explain that he eventually noticed that Netflix automatically skipped the credits on the show and when he objected, an executive told him it helped viewers get through the episodes. (Sedaris) might as well cut it out and the principal replied, “Who is Princess Carolyn?” Bob-Waksberg explained, “That’s when I knew this was the beginning of the end.”

What happened to Tuca & Bertie?

After Tuca & Bertie was canceled by Netflix, Adult Swim saved the series. Unfortunately, the network canceled the show again after the third season. Hanawalt took to Twitter in November to break the news to fans. “Tuca & Bertie has unfortunately been cancelled. To all our fans, we love you and can’t thank you enough for your support over the years. Please never stop making weird fan art (and dressing up as the characters for Halloween!), it brings me endless joy.”

She continued: “Working with Adult Swim gave me a lot of creative fulfillment, our execs were all smart and thoughtful, and I’m thankful we’ve been given the space to do all these wild and heartfelt episodes about things that really matter to me. I’m so proud of the work of all my talented colleagues and collaborators on this show. Check out the credits and look out for all these names in the cast and crew. I’m also very happy that we were able to be covered by both The Animation Guild as the Writers Guild of America. I hope that all show creators who have the power to fight for unions for their productions will continue to do so.”

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