The Batman sequel joins Colin Ferrell’s Penguin Spinoff for HBO Max

Make no mistake, a full BatVerse is in the works. After Matt Reeves became a critical and commercial hit, The batter is just the first of many projects in the same continuity. In fact the first spin-off of The batter features Colin Farrell’s Penguin and will debut as a limited series on HBO Max, but that’s not all. In a new interview, Reeves says the series isn’t just picking up right away The batterbut will also help set up a direct sequel to the Batman movie.

“There’s actually a very small fabric of things we want to do, the way we do it [the] Penguin and how that feeds into how that will lead to the sequel, and what that sequel is going to be,” Reeves said Collider in a recent chat.

There are reports that Reeves is also developing shows targeting both the Gotham City Police Department and Arkham Asylum, which seemed to tease the filmmaker in the same chat.

“There are some other things we have planned,” the filmmaker added. “The BatVerse of what we’re doing has got me really, really excited, and I’m very passionate about it. So I’m excited.”

According to HBO Max’s original head, Sarah Aubrey, the series will further flesh out Gotham’s seedy underbelly and, most importantly, Oswald’s inner circle.

“The point of this show is to show what Oz’s life is like and that’s very much on the streets of Gotham, trying to stand up like only the Penguin can,” Aubrey said. “As a hustler and a strategist with his own ambitions. It’s a great example of having the time over eight episodes to tell a longer arc character story with lots of delightful twists and new characters. It’s very much about Gotham at that street level because he doesn’t fly around like Batman. We all embrace that as a very specific experience for the audience.”

What do you think of this latest reported update on The penguin? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

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