The Avengers target one of them after crossing a line

Spoilers for one of Marvel’s new comics to follow this week (saying too much would be…a spoiler)! As Marvel Comics readers may know, one particular hero has given up his New York City lifestyle and traded it for a world-traveling kind of heroism that doesn’t exactly fit The Avengers job description. We’re referring, of course, to Daredevil, who has turned away from his New York lawyer persona of Matt Murdock and embraced his role as The Man Without Fear in a big way, reforming The Fist so he, Elektra, and a few new recruits can engage the ninja death cult The Hand out once and for all. However, at the end of this issue, he manages to get on the wrong radar, his fellow Avengers.

Much of this month’s Daredevil #5 is spent with Matt at The Fist’s compound preparing for the bigger mission at hand, but much of it takes place in the supervillain prison The Myrmidon. While there, Daredevil offers the many C- and D-list supervillinas a chance at redemption and a place by his side in The Fist. Naturally breaking into a top secret and highly secured building set off some alarms, forcing Daredevil to take on former Thunderbolts leader US Agent in a signature hallway fight. Matt manages to defeat John Walker and even steals his Vibranium shield (perhaps to modify it himself).

However, towards the end of the issue, someone reviews all the security footage of the prison break, with artist Rafael de Latorre and writer Chip Zdarsky revealing on the last page that Iron Man and Captain America are watching Matt’s movements closely, noting that despite his ninja instincts, he wanted them to see him. “Warn the other Avengers, Tony,” Cap says to his partner. “We’re bringing in Daredevil.”

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As fans may recall, this isn’t the first time Daredevil has found himself on the other side of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and his fellow New Yorkers. Back in the Shadowland crossover, when Daredevil was possessed by The Beast entity and controlled The Hand, he found himself on the opposite side of the battle from his fellow street-level heroes, including Luke Cage, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Moon Knight, and Lake. When The Avengers can confront him this time, he’ll probably remind them that he’s trying to destroy The Hand this time, and he might even win some for his cause. Check out the full cover and invite for the next issue of Daredevil below.


Daredevil #6
(W) Chip Zdarsky (A) Rafael De Latorre (CA) Marco Checchetto
In the most shocking release of Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto’s signature DAREDEVIL epic yet, Elektra finds herself at the center of an international incident that threatens to send her, Matt Murdock, and everything they hold dear on a collision course with the Avengers – then , things may never be the same again!
Rated T+
In stores: 07 Dec 2022
MSRP: $3.99

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