The Avengers battle an army of red skulls in new Marvel Preview

If one red skull wasn’t bad enough, an entire army is out to take down Earth’s mightiest heroes in a preview of All Out Avengers. The last Avengers comic by writer Derek Landy and artist Greg Land is unique among its counterparts. While most Marvel titles have an introduction before jumping straight into the action, All Out Avengers takes the opposite approach. Readers are immediately thrown into an action-packed story from the very first page All Out Avengerswith no explanation or backstory on how our heroes got there.

The same can be said for the preview of All Out Avengers #3 by Derek Landy, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Frank D’Armata and Cory Petit from VC. The cover to All Out Avengers features the Captain America duo of Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson battling a horde of Red Skulls. How the Red Skull was able to duplicate itself is a mystery, but we do know that the last issue of All Out Avengers saw Doctor Doom split himself into two separate beings via the mystical Soulsplitter stone. It’s possible the Soulsplitter is the reason we have the Red Skull Army, though we learn in the preview from Sam Wilson that Arnim Zola is to blame.

What is All Out Avengers?

All Out Avengers seems to be in the same vein as Nonstop Spider Man by Joe Kelly, Dale Eaglesham, Gerardo Sandoval and Chris Bachalo. Kelly previously described the series as “relentless action, epic storytelling, mind-blowing art, and relevant themes, all based on the heart and soul of one of my all-time favorite characters, Spider-Man.” spoke to Derek Landy in August about learning how to write All Out Avengers has been different from his previous Marvel projects, how the book’s concept came about, what threats the team will face, villains like Doctor Doom, and more.

“Marvel editor Tom Brevoort approached me with the core idea,” Landy said of how he got the writing gig for All Out Avengers. “He wanted to emulate the experience that comic book readers of a certain age all share – those times when you walked into a newsagent (here in Ireland) or a drugstore (over there in the States) and you picked up the comic you found on the market rack. .I’ve picked up random issues of X-Men or Hulk or Spider-Man, which always seemed to appear in the middle of an ongoing story with no idea how it started.In fact, it’s only now, with collections and omnibus editions and Marvel Unlimited, that I was able to discover how so many stories from my childhood began and ended!

“So that’s the feeling we’re trying to capture with All Out Avengers, where each issue plunges the reader right into the action. The challenge, then, is to make each song work on its own, without a flashback to the “first” part of the story that doesn’t actually exist. It’s practically a comic book existential crisis. All are welcome.”

The preview of All Out Avengers #3 is below. The issue goes on sale Wednesday, November 23.

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