Thales Bretas, widower of Paulo Gustavo, confirms end of relationship with Silva

Dermatologist spent New Year’s Eve with singer in Fernando de Noronha; this was his first public relationship since the death of Dona Hermínia’s interpreter

Play/Instagram/thalesbretas/silvaThales Bretas and Silva dated together for about four months

The Dermatologist’s Courtship Thales Bretaswidower of the comedian Paulo Gustavuswith the singer silva came to an end. The relationship lasted about four months. searched by Young pan, the doctor’s press service confirmed the information, but did not give any details about the reason for ending the relationship. The couple spent New Year’s Eve together in Fernando de Noronha, Pernambuco, but in a post he posted about the trip on Jan. 6, Thales posted photos without Silva, writing, “I have already left Noronha. But Noronha won’t leave me anymore… thank my friends for making everything more incredible than it was already planted by God”. One follower commented: “He stopped showing pictures with his friend after the live critique of his life. If it’s a new cycle for you, follow along. I think it’s early, but who am I…”. the comment and replied: “I post whenever I want! I am the one who decides the time of my life! My wishes, my questions, my bills to pay… no one will help me with that! Sooner or later every comment will always being unfair to someone who has been through so much pain. Only those who are alive know. I hope you never need that to control your time. Dating Silva was the dermatologist’s first public relationship after the death of Paulo Gustavo Dona Hermínia’s interpreter passed away due to Covid-19 on May 4, 2021 at the age of 42. He left behind two sons, Romeu and Gael.

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