Texas Chain Saw Massacre Narrator confirms he was paid in weed

The original The chainsaw massacre in Texas has become one of the most iconic movies in horror history, but it was a project that barely came to life, with opening prologue narrator John Larroquette confirming that director Tobe Hooper managed to save a few bucks by paying the actor in weed instead of cash. In the nearly 50 years since the film was released, countless rumors and reports about the filming experience on the groundbreaking film have circulated, some of which have been refuted and others debunked, but with Hooper himself and other cast members and the passing of the crew over the years, some anecdotes were more difficult to clarify.

“Very true,” Larroquette confirmed Procession when asked about rumors of the payment. “He gave me some marijuana or a matchbox or whatever you called it in those days [recording] studio and patted him on the back and said, ‘Good luck!'”

The narration itself implies that the events of the film actually happened, which only added to the legacy when it was first released, making the importance of those opening moments all the more powerful, thanks to Larroquette. He noted that the opportunity came largely because he was friends with Hooper and was merely doing him a favor rather than getting hired for a job.

“To be told I was in town asking for an hour of my time to tell something for this movie he just did,” the actor commented. “I said, ‘Fine!’ It was a favor.”

Larroquette would go on to provide opening narration for a handful of subsequent films in the series, most recently for last year’s film. Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The actor commented that he didn’t mind contributing to the franchise at all, at least in part because of the scraps he’s earned.

“You do something for free in the 1970s and get a little money in the 1990s,” the actor noted. “It’s certainly the one credit that’s been strongly tacked onto my resume.”

Still, despite his memorable contributions to the franchise, he hasn’t seen any of them and confesses, “I’m not a big fan of horror movies.”

Following the release of the most recent sequel to Netflix, no details have emerged about a new film in the series.

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