Tesla’s factory in China is running at full speed – report

Tesla's factory in China is running at full speed - report

According to reports from abroad, an upgrade of Tesla’s factory in China has been completed as it prepares for higher-than-expected demand.

Tesla’s Chinese manufacturing output has reportedly received a boost after completing a major modernization of its assembly line.

Though the company is yet to make an official announcement, the Tesla factory in Shanghai is now believed to be capable of producing a phenomenal 22,000 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles per week, according to a news agency report Reuters.

The Tesla factory in Shanghai makes both models for Australia, as well as a number of other right-hand drive countries.

When the Model Y went on sale in Australia, New Zealand and Japan in June 2022, the electric car manufacturer probably received up to 25,000 orders on the first day, according to unconfirmed information journey back then.

The following week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk admitted Twitter He was surprised by the high demand and “worked on accelerating [right-hand-drive] Model Y production”.

A leaked email in July suggested Tesla was pausing production lines to begin upgrades. This week, a statement on a Shanghai government website reported that modernization of the factory was now complete.

A November 2021 article from the Beijing Daily The state-run newspaper revealed that Tesla plans to invest US$170 million (AU$253 million) in renovations to boost the facility’s performance.

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