Tesla Model 3 crashes into ferry gates, injuring occupants – report

Tesla Model 3 crashes into ferry gates, injuring occupants - report

Police are investigating whether semi-autonomous technology was used when a Tesla electric car slammed into ferry gates in Canada.

Two people were injured after one Tesla Model 3 crashed into closed gates at a ferry terminal in Canada overnight.

It has not yet been clarified whether the driver was at fault or whether semi-autonomous technology was in use at the time.

Tesla has been in the safety spotlight after a series of accidents resulting in death and serious injury related to the controversial technology, which Tesla falsely advertises as “Autopilot” or “Full Self Driving,” despite the system requiring driver attention at all times.

The crash at the ferry terminal in Canada is under investigation, according to local police CTV News. The crash happened at the Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal near the Canadian city of Vancouver.

A spokesman for BC Ferries told local media that no ship was at berth at the time of the incident and the Tesla had not attempted to board a ferry.

Above and above: Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal, where the incident occurred.

Sergeant Mark McLean of the West Vancouver Police Department said the vehicle reportedly accelerated towards the closed gates and was “effectively wrecked” in the accident.

“[The vehicle is] so high-tech that going through all the data and figuring out what’s going on is going to be quite time-consuming,” he said CTV News.

In an earlier, separate incident, comedian and Porsche collector Spike Feresten claimed his Tesla Model Y was accelerated onto closed gates while recently activating Full Self Driving.

“When [we were] Pull out to leave the gated community that [traffic] The traffic light turns green but the gate was still closed – and it just drove straight towards the gate,” Mr Feresten recalled on a November episode of his podcast. spikes car radio, confirms he was forced to intervene before a crash occurred.

“I had to stop the car. It could see the light, but it couldn’t see the gate. It didn’t know what a goal was,” he said.

While praising the software overall, Mr. Feresten highlighted other issues he experienced with speed bumps and roundabouts when using the Full Self Driving software in Los Angeles.

The two occupants involved in the crash at the Vancouver ferry terminal reportedly suffered non-life-threatening injuries and were taken to a hospital for treatment.

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