Terrifying New Road Safety Videos Police Are Talking About

Terrifying New Road Safety Videos Police Are Talking About

Take 60 seconds today to watch New Zealand’s latest road safety commercial, which follows everyday life through the eyes of a police officer.

A New Zealand road safety video – which went viral over the weekend – has given motorists a rare glimpse into the everyday life of motorway cops.

The 60 second clip – uploaded to youtube – follows a highway cop issuing speeding tickets.

The ad also humanizes the officer who takes a coffee break at a gas station and calls his family before being suddenly called away.

After writing another ticket, the officer has flashbacks of what appears to have been a fatal or seriously injured accident.

“Did it,” wrote a highway patrol officer. “Hard,” wrote another. “Knacks you in the marrow,” added one commenter Facebook.

Watch the gripping 60-second video below.

New Zealand authorities have a reputation for breaking the hype and delivering safety messages that engage audiences rather than preach them.

Among them is this award-winning drink driving ad from 11 years ago (below).

It has had 3.6 million views and counting.

Meanwhile, it’s unclear if the highway patrol officer in the latest New Zealand road safety video is an actor or the real deal, but authorities have previously used police officers on duty in their ads.

All of the officers pictured in a 2017 recruitment video (below) served in the police force — despite the impressive stunts.

If you have three minutes left for the recruitment video — after watching the two 60-second road safety commercials above — it’s worth a look, especially for the glitches at the end. It has 1.9 million views and counting.

Above: New Zealand Police recruitment video.

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