Tânia Mara declares herself to Tiago Piquilo and the singer replies: ‘I fell for that lip service’

Between comings and goings, the couple completes two years together; singer defined this period as ‘intense’ and ‘full of challenges’

Play/Instagram/taniamaraofficialBetween comings and goings, Tiago Piquilo and Tânia Mara have been together for two years

The singer Tanya Mara explained himself to the singer Tiago Piquilo, Hugo’s country duo, this Monday 16. Between comings and goings, the couple is celebrating two years of marriage. In a post on Instagram, the artist stated: “Today marks exactly two years since we allowed ourselves to be a part of each other’s lives. Two intense years, full of challenges, battles, resignation, laughter, tears, conversations, moments, joys, sorrows, mistakes, successes, learning, evolution, uncertainties and the certainty that love always wins. As long as there is transparency, respect, humility, patience and willingness to align goals. Congratulations, Tiago, may God bless us! I love you, my brunette”.

The singer, who participated in “The farm 13”, left a comment to the publication: “Two years I fell for this lip! Two years ago that smell ruined everything (laughs)! Amen! To years of life, health and opportunities to grow up together, to live good things, to grow together in whatever it takes. I love you, blonde! May God be part of our life”. The couple was already together when Tiago underwent penis enlargement surgery. De sertanejo said in interviews that the partner did not care about the operation, but suffered from the repercussions surrounding the subject. They even broke up at the time, but soon after they got back together. Hugo’s duo also explained that they didn’t change the length of the member, but rather the volume.

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