Suzuki Australia prices increase by as much as $3500

Suzuki Australia prices increase by as much as $3500

The cost of most Suzuki cars and SUVs has increased by as much as $3500 as the budget brand moves into new price territory.

Suzuki Australia — the dealer of Suzuki vehicles in every state and territory except Queensland — has increased prices on its line of hatchbacks and SUVs by up to $3,500, although no additional equipment has been added.

As of September 7, prices are up by between $1,000 and $3,500 depending on the model — or $1,000 to $3,000 before road costs — with the largest price increases going to the car Vitara Turbo small SUV.

All Suzuki Models are affected by the price increases – except those Baleno City car whose stock has been exhausted as it will be discontinued from Australian showrooms in the coming months.

Drive-away prices for the Suzuki Jimny are not listed online. Before street costs, however, prices are up $2000 for September to $30,490 plus street costs for the manual Lite variant.

“Recent price increases are related to parts and material shortages as well as increases in shipping costs,” said a spokesman for Suzuki Australia journey.

The latest price hikes follow increases of as much as $1000 earlier this year — and a series of increases made last year.

This means that within two years the price is the cheapest Suzuki Swift is up a staggering 37 percent – from $18,990 to $25,990 drive-away – during the base ignis has gone from $18,990 to $23,490 drive-away.

Before road costs, the price of the standard manual-transmission Suzuki Jimny has increased by at least 25 percent since launch in early 2019 — or $6,000 — from $23,990 to $29,990 plus road costs.

Standard specs remain unchanged with the latest Suzuki price increases. The Swift range was upgraded earlier this year with the new GL S and GL S Plus models replacing the GL and GL Plus classes.

Price lists provided by Suzuki Australia show a $1000 pre-road price increase for the Swift GL and GL Plus, which are not listed on Suzuki’s website – but are still in stock at dealerships as new.

A heavily updated product was also launched in September Suzuki S Cross, which is up $10,000 from its 2021 predecessor to $12,500. As a new model, this is not directly affected by the September price hikes.

A full price list is below, before and after road charges.

Note: +ORCs is short for Plus On-Road Costs, D/A is short for Drive-Away.

model variant old price New price increase
Quickly GL-S manual $23,490 + ORCs/$24,490 D/A $24,490 + ORCs/$25,990 D/A $1000 + ORCs/$1500 D/A
GL-S auto $24,490 + ORCs/$25,490 D/A $25,490 + ORCs/$26,990 D/A $1000 + ORCs/$1500 D/A
GL S Plus automatically $25,990 + ORCs/$26,990 D/A $26,990 + ORCs/$28,490 D/A $1000 + ORCs/$1500 D/A
GLX Turbo auto $28,790 + ORCs/$29,790 D/A $29,790 + ORCs/$31,290 D/A $1000 + ORCs/$1500 D/A
Sports Handbook $28,990 + ORCs/$31,990 D/A $29,990 + ORCs/$32,990 D/A $1000 + ORCs/$1000 D/A
sports car $30,990 + ORCs/$33,990 D/A $31,990 + ORCs/$34,990 D/A $1000 + ORCs/$1000 D/A
ignis GL manual $20,490 + ORCs/$21,990 D/A $21,490 + ORCs/$23,490 D/A $1000 + ORCs/$1500 D/A
GL car $21,490 + ORCs/$22,990 D/A $22,490 + ORCs/$24,490 D/A $1000 + ORCs/$1500 D/A
GLX auto $23,490 + ORCs/$24,990 D/A $24,490 + ORCs/$26,490 D/A $1000 + ORCs/$1500 D/A
Vitara basic manual $27,490 + ORCs/$28,990 D/A $29,990 + ORCs/$31,990 D/A $2500 + ORCs/$3000 D/A
base car $28,990 + ORCs/$30,490 D/A $31,990 + ORCs/$33,490 D/A $3000 + ORCs/$3000 D/A
turbo car $33,990 + ORCs/$34,990 D/A $36,490 + ORCs/$38,490 D/A $2500 + ORCs/$3500 D/A
Turbo AllGrip automatic $37,990 + ORCs/$39,990 D/A $40,490 + ORCs/$42,990 D/A $2500 + ORCs/$3000 D/A
Jimny Lite manual $28,490 + ORCs $30,490 + ORCs $2000 + ORC’s
Jimny manual $29,990 + ORCs $31,990 + ORCs $2000 + ORC’s
Jimny car $31,490 + ORCs $33,490 + ORCs $2000 + ORC’s

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