Supergirl’s Azie Tesfai develops crime drama at NBC

Azie Tesfai, who played Kelly Olsen/Guardian II on The CW’s super girl, is co-developing a crime drama for NBC with Universal Television. Tesfai, who wrote an episode of super girl during the show’s final season, is one of several Arrowverse actors who developed writing and directing skills while working on Greg Berlanti’s series of DC Comics adaptations. Titled The chase, it’s not clear if Tesfai plans to star in the series or stay behind the scenes. Either way, it represents the accomplishment of something Tesfai spoke openly about: taking more control over the development and writing process.

This is how Deadline, who first reported the deal, describes the series: “Written and executive produced by Tesfai, in The chaseWhen undercover CIA agent Robert falls for his target, Katherine, everything changes. Their escape from Bonnie & Clyde backfires when they are captured by the US government and forced to use their opposing resources and skills to find some of the world’s most wanted criminals, while discovering that the other is not who they thought. “

“Especially when you’re taking notes in rooms and the characters are built up like the hero who’s the best of everyone and then you have to, you know,” Tesfai said in 2021. “It’s interesting to see how people react to those scenes when they read them because people get very defensive it’s almost like it’s them who are under attack but even with our fans i notice a lot of them we lacked self empowerment and it’s like superheroes aren’t it isn’t going to save the day. The whole point of this is that you, hopefully, take some of it for yourself and make yourself stronger.”

She continued, “Stop relying on someone to save you in your day to day life. This can be translated to so many things and so what does it look like when you expect someone to save you and they let you down? is that painful? How do you stand up for yourself? How do you stand up for yourself?”

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